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  • Prologo Nago Evo Plus 141 Tirox – Black/White COMBO

    R2,999.00 R999.00

    *FREE Prologo U-Clip, U-Light and U-Saddle Bag*

    Product Details
    This saddle uses Prologo’s ‘Semi-Round’ saddle shape that gives the rider a comfortable seating area on medium to long rides with the weight being shared equally throughout the saddle.

    Top Features:

    • Weight: 258g
    • Size: 280 x 141mm
    • Sex: Unisex
    • Saddle type: Semi-Round
    • Use: Road/XC/Mountain – ideal for medium to long distance riding
    • Base: Carbon fibre base with carbon rails with Active Shape padding
    • U-Clip ready
  • Prologo Scratch 2 CPC Tirox 134 Saddle – White/Black COMBO

    R2,999.00 R999.00

    *FREE Prologo U-Clip, U-Light and U-Saddle Bag*


    Prologo Scratch 2 CPC Tirox Saddle. Unisex round road saddle, suitable for long distances.

    T-Irox fork in light alloy, very resistant to traction and torsion. Due to its physical characteristics and lightness, this material is used in the aerospace and aerospace industry. T-Irox therefore turns out to be a fork with an excellent weight-resistance ratio, which does not fear the normal stress that a bicycle faces.

    The Ergo Shape Design (ESD) is the result of ergonomic and biomechanical studies, and tests that Prologo has done in recent years. More space available for the rider’s legs and a better and more precise pedaling (avoiding sliding forward) guarantee the maintenance of the correct position.

    Connect Power Control is the system designed and patented by Prologue Technicians. Positioned at strategic points, it absorbs vibrations and impacts and helps to keep the best position on the bike, ensuring the necessary grip on all contact points and in all weather conditions. Improves ventilation at contact points. Tested by the professional road and MTB teams, it guarantees comfort by increasing performance. The CPC technology is used in the military and in Formula1 (seats and special gloves) and uses a unique 3D polymer in the material.

    Prologo has developed a new production process of injected carbon fiber, creating a “Monocoque injected” base; guarantees a greater lightness (about 15%), increasing the stability of the body and improving the finish of the saddle.

    Size: 280x134mm

    Weight: 237g

    Hull: Carbon Injection Monocoque

    Rail: Tirox 7mm

    Cover: Microfiber + CPC

    Padding: Light Foam